My Go-to drinks

What are my go-tos?

Assuming you're just out for cocktails with the squad, and not trying out something new:

In the before times, my last go-to was a 50-50 martini. Classy, fun, gets you good and gone if you're looking for that. Only problem is, martini glasses suck and asking for a coupe sometimes draws weird stares.

At home, my go-to aperitif is a Negroni. My current favorite digestif is just straight brandy, scotch, or "half an old-fashioned": an ounce of rye and a little Angostura (no sugar, and NO. FRUIT.).

My go-to hot toddie is always the classic: spirit, some sort of sugar, lemon, and cinnamon, maybe nutmeg if I remember it. One of my favorite spirits is rum-aged Scotch. You get the earthy, smoky Scotch with a wonderful sweetness, accentuated by honey.