Blueberry Lemon Gin Mojito

This is one you can probably google around and find. I just saw a picture of it on Instagram and tried to guess.

For the blueberry syrup: 1:1 simple syrup, and 2 cups of blueberries. Cook over medium heat until the blueberries start to burst. Remove from heat, mash up the berries, strain through a sieve.

I'm still working on the "perfect" ratios here, but my starting point is:

  • 2-3oz gin
  • 1.5oz blueberry syrup
  • 1.5oz fresh lemon juice

Muddle a healthy amount of mint; I omit sugar because the syrup is plenty sweet. Add ice to glass, and add ingredients. Give it a good stir. Top with Sprite or seltzer/soda for a less sweet drink.

I used a gin with some residual sugar as well. The two I like most are from Catoctin Creek and Still Hollow Spirits.

I'm not entirely sure of the "perfect" amounts of gin yet.

I am considering a variant that drops the lemon and uses basil instead of mint.