A work in progress: drinkable cranberry sauce

So I picked up some cranberry whiskey from Still Hollow. I wanted to make a drink that was basically "drinkable cranberry sauce".

The base: 1oz whiskey The complement: 1/8 oz walnut liqueur

record scratch Walnuts? In cranberry sauce??? Yes, it exists. My wife makes it from time to time. It's good; give it a try!

Anyway, I then added a couple dashes of orange bitters. Shake and strain.

It's ... a good start, but not there.

Since corn whiskey is a more neutral spirit, it doesn't have the same body and "chew" as rye or bourbon.

I want to keep the cranberry flavor forward, so I don't want to add citrus. Simple syrup? Well corn whiskey has more sweetness than vodka, but not enough. The downside is do I want just sweet? Maybe Demarara sugar, instead? And heavier than simple?

I added a touch of black walnut bitters, too, and I'm torn if I want to just use it instead of the liqueur.

Making what seems a simple drink is actually really difficult.